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60 Days to Your 1st Customer Program


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  • 1:1 Strategy Sessions &  Q&A  
  • Areas of Focus:

- Problems You Solve

- Target Audience

- Offer/Type of Work

- Pricing

- Outreach

- Documentation

  • Side-by-SIde Until You Land Your First Customer
  • Direct Access to My Professional Network

The "Done with You" Program

Ready to say goodbye to the corporate grind and hello to the freedom of going solo? With this program, I am your personal strategic guide solely focused on helping you land your first customer. Think of it as your shortcut to skipping the trial-and-error phase. I am with you until you land your first deal! The timing is flexible to meet your schedule.  If you are still in corporate but looking to build a new revenue stream or already exited, you control the pace. 


I assume the risk with a money back guarantee!

The Corporate Escapee Strategy Call


60 Minute Call

  • Ask questions and discuss any aspect of your journey

  • Review pitch decks or offerings

  • Discuss pricing, terms or other tactical questions
  • The time is yours

The perfect solution to answer your most pressing questions

This is the perfect offering for the DIY escapee that has specific questions, such as how do I get my first customer or what should I charge?

Trisha F.

"Thank you for the inspiration and support as I ventured into this new chapter of my been a great inspiration to me and many others"

Andrew S.

"Having another conversation (w/ CEO) about how I might help them… Never would have approached it this way without the confidence your coaching gave me"

Dan P.

“If you don’t know Brett, I’ll just throw in my two cents. I’m a huge fan of Brett’s work. He’s really smart, knows where the bumps and land mines are and knows how to navigate around them"

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