Do you need a little help with your escape?

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All programs will reduce your learning curve, minimize your risk and save you a lot of time

The Escapee Playbook


This is an ideal place for folks still in corporate to get started! The Escape Playbook is a detailed 5-step process that will guide you in breaking free from the corporate world. This package includes recorded insights and context for each step, along with a downloadable PDF to ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

  • Step-by-step guide to escaping corporate life.
  • Recorded insights providing context and deeper understanding.
  • Downloadable PDF for easy reference.
  • Affordable entry point for curious escapees. 


Estimated Time Savings: 20 Hours 

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1:1 Coaching Program


The Total Freedom Program is our most comprehensive offering, providing 1:1 strategic coaching to work directly with you. This program includes multiple coaching sessions and unlimited Q&A support until you land your first customer. Designed to ensure you have expert guidance and support throughout your entire escape journey

  • Multiple 1:1 strategic coaching sessions.
  • Unlimited Q&A support until you land your first customer.
  • Personalized and continuous guidance.
  • Expert advice tailored to your specific needs.
  • Estimated time savings: 80+ hours.
  • Highest level of support and customization.

 Estimated Time Savings: 80 Hours

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Alex R.

"First of all FANTASTIC content and the best $47 I have invested in quite some time!
Your GTM skillset shines and you scale it so well throughout the simple and effective framework."

Andrew S.

"Having another conversation (w/ CEO) about how I might help them… Never would have approached it this way without the confidence your coaching gave me"

Dan P.

“If you don’t know Brett, I’ll just throw in my two cents. I’m a huge fan of Brett’s work. He’s really smart, knows where the bumps and land mines are and knows how to navigate around them"

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