5 Ways to Monetize Your Corporate Experience

Feb 13, 2023

If someone has been paying a salary to do a job then you have the skills and experience to escape corporate

Below are 5 skill or knowledge based business opportunities (in no particular order):

1️⃣ Fractional Leadership: leverage you expertise on a part time basis with a company that needs your help. Usually retainer based and ongoing

2️⃣ Consulting: Usually project based with a start and end date but can be extended engagements

3️⃣ Coaching/Advising: Use your skills and experience to help individuals or small groups

4️⃣ Service Business: I like to call this Service as Service If you are a creative or focus on a specific activity or skill, charge a monthly “subscription” and deliver your specialty, think design, content, etc.. but if could be anything

5️⃣ Micro Business: Rather than trying to start the next beg tech company, start a 2 or 3 person business. Make sure everyone’s goals are aligned and skills are complimentary. This is a growing trend I am seeing.

There are many other possibilities but these are the most common and align best with corporate escapes.

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