Are You Ready to Escape Corporate and Start Your Solo Career?

Jan 31, 2023

You should answer (honestly) these 3 questions to find your answer:

Question 1: Do you have the skills, experience, and knowledge to go solo?

Answer: If someone is paying you a salary to do a job, the answer is yes but you would be even better positioned with 10+ years of experience, the more the better

Question 2: Do you have the right mindset?

Answer: There has never been a better time to go solo but you have to believe you can be successful. It sounds simple but if you doubt it will be much more difficult to accomplish your goals. You can start this as a side hustle to test but you can’t half-ass it. You have to be committed.

Question 3: Do you have the support of your spouse/partner/family?

Answer: This is a big one and may be the most important. It is a big change, not just career but in life. The solo career brings freedom, flexibility and financial independence but your support crew has to be on board. If you don’t have support at home it will be tough to focus and build.

This is my experience working with clients as well as stories from my podcast interviews. Check out the podcast if you want to hear from other corporate escapees.

I am happy to connect with anyone that has questions. There is plenty of room on the corporate escapee bandwagon- just make sure you are ready!