Don't Let the Fear of Selling Keep You in Corporate

Feb 02, 2023

Is the fear of selling keeping you in corporate? You are not alone

I have a little secret- you don’t have to be good at selling to grow your business

On a networking call earlier this week, I had a recent corporate escapee share that his biggest concern is that he is not good at selling 

This is a common fear for many folks considering going solo

My recommendation to him was to try reframing from “selling” to “problem-solving” 

This mental shift helped me reduce my anxiety and fear of selling when I was getting started 

You don’t “sell” this service instead, you “solve” this problem, and guess what, this is how much it costs to solve this problem. 

A simple framework you can use is:

🎯 What is the problem you solve

🎯 How do you solve it

🎯 How do you solve it differently

🎯 What is the benefit or impact of solving this problem 

🎯 Where have you done this before (yes this can be your experience in corporate)

You don’t need any fancy sales techniques or complex sales funnels, you just need to be passionate about the problem you are solving and be clear on how you solve it differently than others.

Plus, people buy from people and people hate to be sold to

With practice, you will get better