Embracing Change and Pursuing Growth: A Personal Journey

Jul 29, 2023

"Change is inevitable, but growth is optional."_ This is a motto that I not only live by but also absolutely love. It's a concept that holds truth in various facets of life, not just business.

I have always been one to welcome change, perhaps an inclination closely tied to my short attention span. However, where I've fallen short is in the department of driving growth. This intentional process is equally important in both life and business.

My Evolutionary Journey Post-Corporate Life

Leaving my corporate job four years ago was a major turning point. Since then, I have experienced significant growth, both personally and professionally. My business(es) blossomed to such an extent that they surpassed my corporate income, marking an important milestone in my journey.

Part of this process involved introspection - figuring out what I desired and, equally important, what I wanted to avoid. The corporate world, with its stringent confines, was something I no longer craved. I sought control over whom I collaborated with and the type of work I undertook.

From Management Consulting to Fractional Leadership

My professional journey saw me transition from management consulting to launching my own solo consultancy, then diving into the fractional leadership space. The realization came that consultancy no longer fueled my passion, and a scalable model was necessary to attain the growth I envisioned.

Time is a precious commodity, and there are only so many hours in a week that you can dedicate to work. I've always believed in the value-add principle, yet I understood it's important to keep my work hours in check.

Embracing the Personal Holding Company Concept

Now, I fully subscribe to the personal holding company concept, managing multiple revenue streams closely tied to my core expertise and experience. While I've mastered the change aspect of the equation, the challenge now lies in achieving the desired growth while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Of course, there's an entire narrative around personal change vs. growth, but I'll save that for another day.

Igniting a Passion: Helping Small Business Owners

When I embarked on this solo journey, I had no intentions of starting a company, not even a one-person business. However, change is the only constant, and my mind changed with time. My passion has always been to assist small business owners in building and growing their businesses.

The concept of starting a one-stop shop for small business owners has been brewing in my mind for almost a decade. The idea has evolved, but the crux remains the same. I've narrowed down my focus to Gen X corporate escapees running solo businesses, yet struggling to witness the growth they aspire. Interestingly, there are over 15.6 million of us in the US alone!

Navigating the intricacies of running a business single-handedly can be daunting. The absence of a reliable network can make the journey challenging. I learned this the hard way - trial and error is not always the best strategy.

The Birth of Hardwired for Growth

Through my time hosting the corporate escapee podcast and network, I've interacted with over 100 specialists in various aspects of business growth. This inspired the idea to create a platform connecting a highly vetted network with those in desperate need of their expertise.

With this in mind, I thought, "there's no time like the present," and decided to give it a shot.

We are currently in the beta stage of www.Hardwiredforgrowth.com with our first customers on board helping us fine-tune our offerings.

As I always say, "Change is inevitable, but growth is optional." Now, it's time to nurture the growth.

Stay tuned for more updates!