“Is there anything that you would have done differently?”

Jan 31, 2023

I ask this question all the time when interviewing folks but a prospect asked me this the other day and it made me think about what I would have done if I could go back in time

Hindsight is 20/20 but below are the 3 things I would have done differently:

1️⃣-> I would have had a better plan or a plan at all. It wasn’t clear to me what or how I was going to do this but I knew with 100% certainty that I would not be going back. I did a lot of trial and error and eventually figured it out. In hindsight with a plan I could have reduced the learning curve

2️⃣-> I would have told more people and built a support team to go through the process. You don’t want to go through this alone and you don’t have to. I was amazed at how many other folks had escaped corporate. It is almost like an underground resistance and it doesn’t have to be

3️⃣-> Charged more! I didn’t have enough confidence initially to charge what I should have. This ties back to the lack of a plan but also a lack of belief. It took a while but I now realize what my value is and if the prospect doesn’t see it then it is not the right fit, and that is okay.

I made a lot more mistakes but these 3 would have helped the most with accelerating my business

If you have questions or are thinking about escaping connect with me or reach out. I am always happy to have a conversation