It is Easier to Find Your First Customer Than it is Your Next Job

Feb 08, 2023

If you are frustrated, burned out, or just not satisfied with corporate work now is the time to consider making a change

If someone is paying you a salary to do a job then you have the skills and experience to go solo. Folks with a lot less experience and limited skills are successfully doing it today

Conventional wisdom tells us that corporate is safer and the “smart” thing to do but if you follow the news or were caught up in the 100k plus layoffs you know that it is not

Fact: there is more risk, less freedom, and no financial upside to staying in corporate

There has never been a better time to go solo:

-> The big corporates that did layoffs can’t hire FTEs but they have the budget for variable pay- dumb but this has been true forever.

-> Mid-market companies (who are NOT laying off people) have the budget and are starving for talent. The challenge is that they don’t have a full-time budget but have room for fractionals, advisors, and consultants.

-> Startups and high-growth companies have the same challenges and needs as mid-market

If you are going through a job search I strongly urge you to consider solo. It is a mind shift but the outcome is better balance.

You only need 2 maybe 3 clients to replace or surpass your current income. There is a lot of opportunity if you look for it but you need to be intentional.

Connect with me if you have questions. I have made this my mission to help folks get out and stay out of corporate!