Why Expert (Solo) Based Businesses Are Win/Win for Everyone!

Jan 31, 2023

Win/win is a cliche and is rarely a win for both sides

But with the corporate escapee movement, this can be a win for both business owners and the escapees

Let me explain

SMBs, startups, and even Mid-market companies struggle to attract top-level talent, in most cases, it is because the business can’t afford it

Depending on the business needs there is talent out there for you the business owner:

-> Consultant/Contractor or Freelancer: these are resources to run and manage projects and are usually fixed in time/scope. Start and end dates and usually a fixed cost

-> Fractional: These tend to be longer term and leadership positions (but doesn’t have to be)- If you need that head of sales or marketing, even CFO or COO.

-> Advisory: Just need a sounding board and help with strategic priorities, there is a resource out there for you.

The win/win is both parties' gain. The business gets the talent they otherwise couldn’t afford and the escapee gets to do the job they love without all the bad bits from corporate

It rarely gets mentioned on LinkedIn or in the press but this movement has a lot of momentum

This is the future and it is here

Have a great weekend