Change is Inevitable but (Profitable) Growth is Optional- the Massive Opportunity for B2B Startups

growth growth journey learning & development Dec 17, 2022

Digital is transforming the B2B space, or at least it should be.

The opportunity for companies to greatly improve CustomerExperience (don’t make your prospects call for pricing) is at the top of the list but right behind CX is the ability to greatly improve your bottom line.

Digital can greatly reduce your operating costs, specifically, SG&A and customer acquisition costs not to mention the real opportunity to improve your organizational productivity.

Another emerging opportunity exists with the massive potential of the “sharing economy” for B2B companies.

This is another lever for companies to greatly improve their efficiency. Navi Radjou has an in-depth Fast Company article on this topic.

The challenge is most enterprise or legacy B2B companies are still trying to figure out how to align sales and marketing let alone embrace digital transformation.

This creates real opportunities for startups and mid-market companies to leverage a new model and aggressively go after incumbents at a much lower cost.

The new world of B2B will reward the founders and companies that throw out the conventional approach and think bigger, broader, and outside of the box.

The opportunity to reduce expenses, improve customer experience and grow scalable revenue has never been easier.  I outlined a 4-part plan to help B2B companies grow their businesses to $10 Million in revenue in this podcast episode.