Customer Experience is NOT Optional

growth growth journey learning & development Dec 17, 2022

The #B2B world was beginning to transition. Buyer expectations were changing.  There were leaders and laggards on aligning with customer preferences.

If you were the first mover then you were gaining a competitive advantage and if you were late it probably was only beginning to have a material impact on your top-line revenue #growth.

That transition period is over. The pandemic has shifted the buying preferences forever.
So what does this have to do with customer experience?

Deals will be won and lost and companies will succeed or fail based on customers’ experience with your brand.

Customer experience begins the first time a prospect engages with you or your content and continues through contract renewals. It is the customer lifecycle and perception is reality.

What are the keys to customer experience success?

👉 Treat your customers like prospects and prospects like customers
👉 Consistency with interactions and messaging
👉 Measure it- and no revenue is NOT a KPI for #CX.

This is not the entire list but a great starting point.