Differentiate to Dominate

growth growth journey learning & development Dec 17, 2022

In a market filled with businesses that offer the same things, the same service, and many times. the same value, making sure your customers notice you is a tremendous task to achieve.

The key is to change the conversation.

If you are competing on price or features & benefits, that is a race to the bottom.

In the current landscape, being different is better than being better.

It is really hard to prove your solution is better.

Below is a simple framework to help:

Start with your customer’s problem and work backward:

  1. Focus on the problem you solve (usually time or experience)
  2. How do you solve your customer’s problem?
  3. How do you solve it differently than the competition (this is critical)?
  4. 4️Do you have proof points?

If you are a startup or small business and can’t clearly articulate #3 it will be a tough road to growth.

If you are looking for examples of founders that have done this, you can check out the interviews on my podcast:

Good luck!