Insane or the Greatest Idea Ever?

growth growth journey learning & development Jan 12, 2023

That is the feedback one of my colleagues gave me when I shared where I wanted to take my podcast and my business. 

I have recorded 175+ episodes and it has been 3 years since I started this journey.  The podcast pivots are a good illustration of how my business has evolved over the same time.   

When I left management consulting my focus has always been on helping companies with their growth journeys specifically in the zero to ten million in revenue.

The Evolution of a Podcast (and a business):

Hardwired for Growth

I still love this name – the target audience was all small businesses and startups looking to scale- it was for everyone and no one.  My business was the same- diverse customers doing different types of work.

B2B Founder 

I decided to niche down and leverage my decades of experience helping B2B businesses grow- the challenge was founders did necessarily identify with B2B and/or founders.  With my business, it was hard to find my ideal client.  The messaging just didn’t resonate.

b2b business


This was an idea I had kicked around in the past.  It was a one-stop shop for small business owners.  In theory, it made sense, or at least in my mind, it did.  The customers didn’t quite see it the same way.  

Again- the audience enjoyed the guests, but it was not crystal clear WHO the ideal target audience was.


Insane or a Brilliant Pivot

Welcome to chapter 4 and dare I say the final chapter??  Probably not but I can dream.  Why is this potentially crazy? Because I have built a strong and growing 6-figure business and I am walking away from that business model.  I have confidence that this pivot will be able to help more people and be more impactful.

I relaunched the podcast as The Breakthrough Freelancer 

I am betting that this is the perfect target audience for the podcast and my business for a few reasons:

  • This is an underserved market.  There is a lot of focus on venture-backed companies, SMBs or ongoing businesses but there is no one focused on the fastest growing segment- Service-Based Freelancers
  • I believe this is the future of work.  We are going to become more and more like micro businesses so you might as well treat it like a business so you can optimize your revenue and your time!
  • It is completely realistic to build a million-dollar business without employees and still have the freedom and flexibility you want.  It is not just about the money, but I want to show you what is possible.

The majority of freelancers left corporate jobs because of the flexibility and freedom that freelancing offers, but the fact is the vast majority of freelancers and working more and earning less than they were before.

Thus, the podcast pivot and my business pivot.  I want to help service-based freelancers, contractors, & side-hustlers. build the businesses they want.

In the podcast I will interview:

  • Best Selling Authors (some of my top episodes are still authors)
  • Subject Matter Experts in different areas to share the latest tactics and strategies that will help you succeed
  • Freelancers that have broken through and created a life they wanted- all without employees.  They will share what they learned and provide advice
  • Lastly- I have been on this journey and “broke” through last year and I will share my failures and what I learned from them and what worked for me.

In each episode, we cover topics such as how to get more customers, pricing, business models, productivity systems and tools, and other topics that will help you break through.

The business is going to focus more on the 1: many models.  I am in the process of creating a free community and several courses to help freelancers.  I will also continue to offer 1:1 coaching to Freelancers that want higher-touch support.  

I will be sharing my journey- the good, the bad and the ugly so you can learn from my mistakes.

Good luck!