Insights from 100 Podcast Episodes

growth growth journey learning & development Dec 17, 2022

After over 100 episodes in my show, The B2B Zero to Ten Podcast (formerly The B2B Founder Podcast), I’ve been able to gain some insights and value-packed strategies that founders can implement in their own businesses.

With every episode, I asked my guest a very important question which is: What is the one thing you would highly recommend – be it personal or professional?

Each answer I’ve gotten are actionable lessons that will surely help you in your journey to $10 Million in revenue.

Some of the advice was interesting. Some were things I’ve never thought of myself. Some were one of a kind. But all of them I’ve found to be worth compiling to give all of us a constant reminder – the journey may be long and hard, but you are not alone.

Here are a couple of the recommendations that I’ve compiled in my Free Resource called “Insights from 100 Podcast Episodes,” the full downloadable PDF File of which you will find here.

Growing a startup to $10 Million is a long and hard road.

“Endurance is really something that’s super important. It really is just an endurance sport, this game. There’s gonna be 2, 3, 4 years that are just terrible. If you can handle that and stay positive. that in my mind is the biggest thing I recommend.” – Geoff Atkinson, CEO/Founder of Huckabuy

But don’t forget to take care of yourself. Take time off.

“Listen to your inner voice and your guts, and take the time and give yourself an hour every week where you just block out that time to shut the door. Turn off your devices and think. We are so focused on action. And sometimes we do, and I believe in taking action rather than doing nothing. Thinking time is the most important investment you can make in your business and in yourself to be a successful founder and leader.” – Lisa L Levy, CEO/Founder of Lcubed Consulting

Try meditation.

“Meditation has helped me a lot to keep my calm, to keep my sanity, to act on situations, to manage my reactions. That’s been a great advantage. I think as entrepreneurs, we’re on a daily basis forced to encounter more situations than we would want to. Having the sanity to think through stuff and not react, having the mental power to absorb situations and act on it vs. reacting to situations can be an unfair advantage.” – Vivek Khandelwal, COO/Founder of iZooto

Make sure you exercise.

“Yoga. Movement has always been a big part of my life.Taking a casual ballet class isn’t really something you do in your 30s. Once I found yoga I was like, “Wow, this is something I’ve been missing.” And I think a lot of people have that. There’s something so refreshing and powerful even about taking an hour to just breathe.” – Nicole Wood, CEO/Co-Founder of Ama La Vida

Find the time to refresh. Do something different.

“Take longer vacations to really disconnect and to try to really stay away from the business, even 100%. Like go one week and not be in touch with the business. And why I like this is because first of all, it will force you to make sure that the business can continue without you because if it cannot, it means that you don’t have a business, you just have a job. And then the other benefit is that it helps you detach yourself and free your mind. Almost each time I did that, I came back with fresh ideas and fresh perspectives that I can implement in my business. So sometimes taking a step back will definitely help you take a lot more steps forward.” – Ovi Negrean, Chief Executive Bee of SocialBee

And don’t skip out of rewarding yourself for everything you’ve reached.

“Celebrate small wins along the way. Don’t be so hard on yourself. The goal line continues to move. But before you keep going, don’t forget to take a minute and celebrate everything that you’ve done so far. Because you’re doing a lot more than you even give yourself time to realize and celebrate.” – Kati Ryan, Founder of A Positive Adventure

Gain insights from some of the best business leaders.

“Just be honest with yourself and whenever you find something that a competitor is better at, it should be a good thing. If you figure out something that they haven’t figured out themselves and it gives you an opportunity to, then be different. The outcome of this you should figure out what is my one thing that’s gonna make me different. What’s the one thing of all the competitors that I’m gonna really stick to, and I’m gonna market the most. It should be a statement and that statement should literally be the foundation for all your marketing”. – Brandon Mateika, CEO/Founder of Sales and Marketing Inc.

Level up with these apps and tools.

“Morning Sidekick Journal by Habit Nest. Make it a goal to try to be more intentional with your time. One page thing. Write 5 goals for the day. The night before – 5 things you’re going to do that morning. Celebrate small things you get done. And be intentional with the 30 minutes you have in the morning.” – Rachel Clapp Miller, Vice President of Marketing and Digital Engagement at Force Management

Reach new heights by having the right mindset.

“Be deliberate and intentional about your state of mind. When we started talking, you said, “Hey Dave, how you doing?” I said, “On top of the world. Best day ever.” That is a choice. I get to choose my state of mind, so I choose a sunny one. If you’re a founder, if you’re running a business, you’re gonna be out of control on a lot of things. A lot of things are outside your control. If clients pay, if they sign up, all that good stuff leads to a lot of stress. The one thing that’s helped me get through it is being on top of the world having the best day ever.” – Dr. David Arrington, Principal/COO of Arrington Coaching

The B2B community is filled with people willing to help you. Don’t hesitate to ask.

“Don’t go at it alone. If I’d learn anything from that storm is do not try to do any of this by yourself. Find the people that have thread the path you’ve been on before and use them. Get a mentor. Get a coach. Decide who you’re gonna answer to, you’re gonna be accountable to. And make sure it’s someone you respect. Being able to have the right kind of support that suits you is critical to success.” – Christine Perakis AKA Storm Warrior, Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, & Author

But never stop learning.

“Always always always be learning. I cannot express to you how important it is to keep up with what’s going on out in your industry no matter what it is. Because as humans, we’re evolving faster today and the technology space and what’s available to us. We’re evolving faster than ever before. So any webinar you can attend, listen to podcasts. Just keep yourself educated as to what’s going in the marketplace and be very open to new ideas that you may hear on these podcasts or these webinars.” – Lindsay Kelley, Vice President of Content & Digital at Telit

Read. Read. And read.

“Reading. I don’t think enough people read and read stuff that’s longer than a Tweet. Leaders are readers. I don’t think we have enough people reading these days because I hear stupid stuff. We’re growing in our ignorance.” – Jim Vaselopulos, CEO/Founder of Rafti Advisors

Why not start with these book recommendations?

Every business leader, read the book The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni. Patrick talks a lot about organizational health. That book is really what spearheaded us getting clarity around our values and ultimately getting clarity around our vision and mission. And those things seem like really fluffy pie in the sky ideas, but the tangible benefits that come whenever you know what your organization cares about guides your ability to be healthy as an organization”. – James Carbary, CEO/Founder of Sweet Fish Media

And lastly…

“Don’t drink milk on a hot date.” – Jeremy Ryan Slate, Top-rated Podcaster & PR Expert

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