The Power and Value of Differentiation

business differentiation product/market sales Dec 17, 2022

In our recent podcast “The Power and Value of Differentiation ”, I’ve chatted with Tim Caito to discuss the common themes that help people close big and profitable deals. His insights should help founders and business owners think about how to differentiate their products/services and even brand through value drivers.


Tim touches on 5 key points about providing quality solutions for your customers.

  • What is your company’s story? What problems are you solving and can you articulate that from the first touchpoint through post-sale? The customer needs you to understand their problems. Everything has to be about the customer 1st and foremost. It’s the responsibility of the sales rep to be able to articulate that right away when they’re out on sales calls or talking to potential clients. It’s the consistency of that message that is going to make or break the deal. The world wants to know if you can understand their problem before you tell them what you do. Ask the questions. Listen. Be the expert on the costumers’ problems.
  • Customers have unlimited options in today digital world. So why should they buy from you? Many times, customers often conclude that the things you’re talking about are not even relevant to them. Then you have unintentionally communicated that you do not understand them or their needs and you have not been listening to them.
  • Have you heard of the zero moment of Truth? The zero moment of truth are all the things that a customer does before ever engaging with a company. Meaning your message is being shaped before even engaging with you.
  • From small startups to global enterprises, companies face the same challenges; not understanding the difference between a market facing message (that market level message that says broadly -here’s what we do-) and a specific customer sales conversation/message/story that talks about what they specifically uniquely needed. When you try and get that individual customer conversation that is driven by the market facing story or message, there is a disconnect that leaves the customer wondering if that applies to them. The message does tie into the way you set up your differentiators, another source of competitive advantage.
  • Many time companies will explain the problem that they can solve and how, but they do not get into the differentiation and specifics. It’s the power of being different versus being better. There is an overlap between these two concepts. Whether your company is in the startup stage trying to define your story, or trying to expand your business, it’s a matter of getting the concept of differentiation down.


Thank you Tim for taking the time to discuss the value of differentiation with our audience.

You can listen to the full episode here: